My Abra Blog

This is a series of blog posts relating to the the 10-week Wish Maker Program by Cosmic Navigator, in which I am working to manifest a new successful business. 

I am starting my journey at the first sphere of the Tree of Life, also known as the Crown.

The Crown represents the Will of God, the One, and the Beginning.

This is the point of creation where dreams come true.

During this week I will create the space to plant my wish.

I am clearing out the clutter so that my new wish will have plenty of space to grow.

I will document my journey here on my Abra Blog. This is my journal where I will document my synchronicities and other insightful moments during my journey.

Major Synchronicity #1:

Abra Creative is a new brand for my marketing agency. My inner guide told me to create it and I reserved the domain name “” 5 weeks ago.

I created this website the following week, so had an Abra Blog a month before I knew I needed it.

An auspicious beginning!

Les Proctor

I love helping people learn more about themselves & guiding them to connect with their higher selves and their intuition so they can accelerate their journeys along their spiritual paths.

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