Day 4: Imagining The Future

This is a series of blog posts relating to the the 10-week Wish Maker Program by Cosmic Navigator, in which I am working to manifest a new successful business.

Today, for Crown Exercise 4, Day 4, I envisioned myself after having fulfilled my wish.

So I brought the future… into the present.

During the summer I like to hike every day, weather permitting, and one of my favorite things to do on my hike is to walk a labyrinth along my path.

Background on Labyrinths

Labyrinths have been in use for over 4,000 years. Their basic design is fundamental to nature and many cultures and religious traditions.

Walking a labyrinth is a meditative practice that clears the mind, gives insight, and calms people during life’s transitions.

“Solvitur Ambulando” ~ St. Augustine, It’s solved by walking

A Labyrinth is not to be confused with a maze because there are no tricks and no dead ends. A Labyrinth has a single path that winds into the center. The path you take in is the path you take out. It’s in full view, which allows you to be quiet and focus internally.

There are three stages to walking a Labyrinth meditation:

  1. Release (on the way in):  On your way in you might release the things that are bothering you. You might ask for aches and pains, or other things that are disturbing you to be released.  Or you might ask a question, and be open to receiving an answer.
  2. Receive (at the center)  When you’re at the Center, you take the time to receive. It ranges from simple, quiet, and peaceful — to an answer to a problem, or a decision you have to make, or a creative thought. Just be open.
  3. Return (on your way out): On your way out you integrate whatever you’ve received, and you continue to receive. Allowing yourself to listen to your intuition is the most important thing. You slow down your steps and your heartbeat. Often when you leave you take the experience with you and continue to receive.

So everyone resumed their happy positions, and we set out on our hike.


When we got to the labyrinth. I walked in, and… my prayer or my intention was: “What can I do to be Creator’s hands today?”

When I arrived at the center, I felt the presence of angels, many angels…

Instead of a message, I received a feeling and a vision.

The feeling was one of total elation, pure joy. I was in the company of angels! I felt the presence of Archangel Michael… letting me know my wish was already done.

When you’re in contact with angels they want you to know that you are loved. It comes across as a feeling. Total elation. pure joy!

Deep heart love that makes you feel grounded and safe and secure.

The vision… very stark and apocolyptic… the first vision was of a grey steam… like an ether… just moving… and me along with it.

The next vision was a space scape, and was a red star and a blue star shining next to each other… there was the same idea of flowing… just floating in an electromagnetic space.

Then the third was just walking in nature… just following the path… seeing what I discover… but being completely present to all my senses and connected to all creation.

Knowing… everything is already done. We need only flow. Everything we want is downstream. It is all already done.

It was a reminder for me to be present during the rest of my hike.

To get outside of my mind and into the flow.

Not distracted by thoughts… but achieving true presence… being in harmony with nature.

All the desires in my heart are already fulfilled.

My wish is already done.

I am thankful.

I am grateful.

Takeaway: Be present. We can imagine the future by feeling it. War is over. There is peace on earth! 

If you’d like to find a labyrinth near you, here’s a handy tool:

The Labyrinth Locator

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