How To Deal With Big Life Change

Change can be difficult. It hurts!

What hurts is not what happened to you… the hurt is actually your reaction to what happened.

It’s important to take back your personal power, and stop fighting whatever is happening.

And trust that whatever is happening… is happening for a reason.

Everything changes when you make the shift… from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What can I learn from this?”

The first step to take back your personal power is by looking at yourself with eyes of compassion and love, by following these three steps:

1. Take a deep breath and become fully present in the moment
2. Visualize the situation causing your distress
3. Take a step back and look at your situation from a new perspective

Try to detach from yourself completely. Pretend you’re a fly sitting on the ceiling, or better yet, pretend you’re an angel looking down on yourself from up above.

Watch yourself as if you’re on a stage. Do not judge yourself at all…, suspend all judgement, and ask yourself the question:

“What did I do to allow this situation to happen?”


With a spirit of non-judgement, you can answer this question without beating yourself up about it. To make the change from being too hard on yourself to treating yourself with love and compassion.

Do you see how hard you try? Do you see how you have good intentions? Do you see how you want the best for everyone involved?

But somehow things don’t always turn out the way you’d wish. Why is that? Is it something in you? Is it something you can ask for greater insight on? So you can take steps to fix it?

What if someone else were going through the same situation. What would your reaction be? Would you be sympathetic? Or would you judge that person?

Why are you harder on yourself than you are on others?

When you treat yourself with love and compassion, you extend that love and compassion to every one.

It’s the first step towards greater awareness and self-empowerment.

Les Proctor

I love helping people learn more about themselves & guiding them to connect with their higher selves and their intuition so they can accelerate their journeys along their spiritual paths.

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