Day 9: Love And Compassion For Self

This is a series of blog posts relating to the the 10-week Wish Maker Program by Cosmic Navigator,  in which I am working to manifest a new successful business.

Today, for Wisdom Exercise 2, Day 2, I’m supposed to look at myself in the mirror and share what I see.

Once we know who we are and where we come from…, that we are all connected…, and that we are all one… that God lives in us…, every thing changes.

Here’s a post I wrote to take the first step.

To look at yourself with greater love and compassion:

How To Deal With Big Life Change

Change can be difficult. It hurts!

What hurts is not what happened to you… the hurt is actually your reaction to what happened.

It’s important to take back your personal power, and stop fighting whatever is happening.

And trust that whatever is happening… is happening for a reason.

Everything changes when you make the shift… from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What can I learn from this?”

Read more…

Every thing changes when we practice love and compassion for our self.

Bless you all!

I am thankful.

I am grateful.

Les Proctor

I love helping people learn more about themselves & guiding them to connect with their higher selves and their intuition so they can accelerate their journeys along their spiritual paths.

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