Day 8: Reflecting God’s Will

This is a series of blog posts relating to the the 10-week Wish Maker Program by Cosmic Navigator,  in which I am working to manifest a new successful business.

Today, for Wisdom Exercise 1, Day 1, I move on to the second sphere of the Tree of Life: Wisdom.

“A man’s thoughts are the threads of which the fabric of his days are woven.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

One synchonicity I see right away is that the vision I had on Day 4 was a gray stream:

The vision… very stark and apocolyptic… the first vision was of a gray steam… like an ether… just moving… and me along with it.

Intentionally Aligning With My I AM Presence

Another insight or revelation that I see when I look inside my physical body is that I am made up of 70% to 80% water. When I awakened to my own I AM presence and experienced oneness, I had a great desire to stay connected to source or “God in me/us”.

I understood deeply that my physical body is the sacred temple which houses my consciousness, and empowers my connection with our oversoul (or “monad” conciousness”) in this dimension. I also see clearly that the work of ascension consists of working to shed the layers of density and darkness to transform lower vibrations (like old negative emotions and older programming) into the light of unconditional love.

Creating A Supportive Environment For Health

The water that I drink is important. Tap water, while perceived as “clean” is anything but clean. It’s got harmful contaminants that do not support human health. In truth, it’s detrimental to health: chlorine, fluoride cause cancer.

As divine sovereign human beings we exercise supreme authority within the limited sphere of our households. The intention behind Purity Water Systems is to make it easy for people to assert their sovereignty over the water they are using for drinking, bathing, and their gardens. We help them transform ordinary tap water into the equivalent of pure, clean, spring water. By drinking living water, we can make a positive impact on our health and the health of all those around us. #WatchTheWater

Something else to be be aware of…, since our bodies are 70% to 80% water… it’s important to be aware of the thoughts we think and the words we say. If you have not yet seen the work by Dr. Masaru Emoto on “Water, Consciousness, and Intent,”  I recommend you watch the video of the same name.

Resonating And Raising The Vibration

May our thoughts and words raise our vibration and the vibration of all around us. When we speak, we imbue our words with energy, and that energy is transferred through the words the same way the resonance of a tuning fork is transferred to another identical tuning fork within close proximity. Words matter!

Note how when a weight is attached to one tuning fork, they are no longer identical. The major part of ascension process is to grow in awareness of our emotional body… to replace old negative subconscious thinking with enlightened and more practical thoughts that support our well being.

Bless you all!

I am thankful.

I am grateful!

Les Proctor

I love helping people learn more about themselves & guiding them to connect with their higher selves and their intuition so they can accelerate their journeys along their spiritual paths.

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