Day 20: Awareness Improves Everything!

This is a series of blog posts relating to the the 10-week Wish Maker Program by Cosmic Navigator,  in which I am working to manifest a new successful business.

Today, for Understanding Exercise 3, Day 6, I looked at clocks, schedules, and rulers.

I guessed a pen was 6″ and it turned out to be 5-3/4″.

I guessed it would take 25 minutes to drive my boy to school. It took 24 minutes.

I guessed my office was 11′ x 11’… it was 10-1/2′ x 11′.

I guessed I had twenty bucks in my wallet. I had thirty (yay!).

Turns out I was pretty accurate with my estimates. But what’s amazing is how more productive you can be once you become aware and start measuring things.

For this reason, I started using an application called “Tomighty” to use the pomodoro technique to manage my time.

I was amazed how productive I became once I started measuring time. I felt like I as 4x more productive!

More productivity with less stress and effort!

I am thankful and grateful!

Bless you all!



Les Proctor

I love helping people learn more about themselves & guiding them to connect with their higher selves and their intuition so they can accelerate their journeys along their spiritual paths.

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