Clearing & Purging Painful Life Lessons

Everyone's in a hurry to escape the third dimension, the matrix, samsara (or suffering or whatever you wish to call it), all the while forgetting that Earth School is the most beautifully designed ascension system in the universe, and we all chose to be here at this moment in time to learn important lessons about who we really are.

The world makes us feel separated & alone, and does its best to throw us off balance. No one has been spared from pain & suffering.

We are being tempered, and taught how to see through the lies, illusions & inversions and restore balance in ourselves first, so that we experience balance in the world.

As within so without.

In every pain, there is a loving lesson.

If you still experience painful memories, the pains get stored as densities in your physical body.

Learn the lesson or the lesson repeats.

The original lesson is an anchor & repeated lessons are like links in chains. The densities get trapped in our bodies & weigh us down just like chains in Jacob Marley's ghost.

Unhealed, whenever this pain is triggered, you react in ways that created more drama & conflict, because your outer world is a reflection of your inner world

You have to feel it to heal it. When you do, the painful densities stored in your body are transmuted into loving light: pure love, pure joy, pure apprecation: peace!

Clearing & Purging Painful Life Lessons

This session is designed to help you pick your most painful experience, usually a pain you experienced in childhood  & learn your loving lesson. It's best to choose an anchor, the first time the lesson was presented, because when you clear it, both the anchor & all the subsequent links in the chain, the physical densities in your body become replaced with loving light. Once you've experienced the technique, you'll be able to clear all your painful memories & experience life free from pain & trauma.

Spiritual Healing Services

When you learn to know & love yourself, you heal yourself & you heal the world

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