Chiron Wounded Healer Reading In 13 Sign True Sidereal Astrology


There is no doubt: your life was written in the stars!

Chiron is the key, Ophiuchus is the gate

Chiron shows us our core wound. This represents our deepest wound, most often in childhood.

Your core wound is the source of your greatest medicine. When you heal your world, you can heal others with your presence alone.

It's written in the stars. You chose your wound before you got here to teach yourself something.

Chiron Teaching Achilles. Their Common Wound: The Ankle

What did you want to teach yourself?

Everyone's been wounded. The question is "Why?"

Chiron "I Heal" is the key. Ophiuchus "The Serpent Bearer" or "Sophia/Christ Consciousness" is the gate.

You wrote your own life story in the stars. In your chart, you have the key to heal yourself & others. There is no better way to "know thyself" & why you are here.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

The serpent bearer helps you shed your skin and be born anew. Look at your placements in both and let your intuition guide you. One is your core wound. The other your opportunity to serve just with your presence.

Why 13 Sign True Sidereal instead of Tropical Astrology?

I do my Chiron Wounded Healer Readings using 13 Sign True Sidereal Astrology. It includes the hidden sign of the zodiac: 'Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer' and is in perfect alignment with the constellations.

Unlike, Tropical Astrology was written in the 2nd century AD by Ptolemy, and the Greeks were famous for suppressing divine feminine energies reducing women to objects. Since it has not been updated in 2,000 years, it's off by 24 degrees, almost a full zodiac sign.

Ophiuchus "The Serpent Bearer"

So this reading may be a little different that what you are accustomed to, but my experience has shown me that our lives are indeed written in the stars the moment of our birth. I can tell you your core wound based on where "Chiron" lies in your chart, by zodiac sign, planetary placements & house. I have done hundreds of these readings for free, and am always amazed at how this helps people better understand & take responsibility for their life lessons, because your core wound helps you connect to your mission in life. It is literally, the main lesson you wished to learn, and the reason you are here.

Astrological Deception? Or Deeper Knowing?

Here's a video that explains more about the difference between Tropical Astrology & 13 Sign True Sidereal Astrology: I do not view it as a deception. I view it as us placing roadblocks to our own learning. To use critical analysis to examine all our thoughts, and where they come from.

Since our thoughts create, both work. I have come to view Tropical astrology as representative of linear patriarchal thinking associated with the Age of Pisces. And 13 True sidereal as associated with the rise of Divine Feminine energies & the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces was Act I, in which we learned. The Aqe of Aquarius is Act II, in which we live.

Spiritual Healing Services

When you learn to know & love yourself, you heal yourself & you heal the world

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